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5 things to see do or try in Milan | Oksana Erdogdu

5 things to see do or try in Milan


Ciao, my dear! Today I just a wonderful mood so decided to write quickly about 5 things that you should definitely see, do or try in Milan.

First of all you have to look at the city from the roof of the Duomo Cathedral.

The Duomo certainly cannot be confused with other architectural structures. For someone the Milan Cathedral resembles a hedgehog, others compare it with the wedding cake, but I admire the elegance of this Gothic masterpiece without an exception. Go round the Cathedral and then climb to the roof of the Duomo. In clear weather, the roof has a stunning view of the countryside up to the snow-capped Alps on the horizon.

To be in Italy and not  to eat an ice cream almost indecent. Therefore, the second mandatory thing is to try the most delicious ice cream. Sets a high bar café Il Massimo Del Gelato: chocolate ice cream are of 8 types there. In Milan you can try six famous Italian ice-cream of the famous network GROM.


Milan – a sacred place for shopping! To come here and not update your wardrobe – the horror!

Therefore to you have to visit the Gold quarter of fashion and buy new things – another mandatory thing in this city.

A quarter century ago in the center of Milan you could find bakeries, meat and bookshops. But then boutiques and showrooms stated to appear. As a result there were so many of them and they located so close to each other that the area brand stores became known as “Il quadrilatero della moda” means “fashion Square” or the “Quadrilatero d’oro” the “Golden square”.

This is the most elegant and expensive quarter in Milan, if not in all of Europe. It settled the greatest from the fashion world.

The next thing is a little bit scary but also incredibly exciting. Walk in Cimitero… the Monumental Cemetery  or the Monumental Cimitero — rather a sculpture Museum than a place of eternal rest. Two identical memorials will not find here, everyone is photogenic, and beautiful in its own way.


Calm yourself with aperitivo tour. In Milan, of course, you need to try the signature dish — Osso Bucco with risotto. But to fully feel the local, it is more important to catch the wave of appetizers. Aperitivo are the best bars in the city: Camparino, Radetzky Café, Bar Basso, Enoteca N’ombra de Vin, Russian Davai Milano, and even the concept boutique 10 Corso Como (usually from 18:30 to 21:30) offers wine and cocktails with a complimentary snack of mozzarella, corned beef, pizza or Focaccia with tomatoes every night.

Well, that`s all for today!

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