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About me | Oksana Erdogdu

About me


Does someone read Profile nowadays? It seems yes if you`re reading these lines now)))

Every day we are painters and draw a picture of our life – the way we look like, what we do and how we exist.

Someone does it with the usual sharpened pencil and another is not so lazy to take a brush, paint and draw a real work of art.

Since my childhood, I decided that I would always use the best paint and the best brushes for my life! Of course, my skill honed over the years, but I tried! Made mistakes, corrected them and moved on.
Without any exaggeration, I can say that fashion is the passion of my life, part of my soul. I`ve never chosen it myself, it made this decision for me.

I went through all the stages of becoming a real expert in the fashion industry:  from the models` school in the University, the first tentative outputs on the runway, beauty contests to the title of professional models on the best fashion shows of Europe and the United States. My job, my love gave me a sense of freedom and infinity of the world, charged me and gave the desire to explore the world even more.

As for myself, I can say that I am a creative and romantic person, who has a good sense of art and loves experiments. Can easily meet new people even in the street. Just as easily let them out of my life. I hate standards but like to look indefinitely at the stormy sea which so freely invaluable!
Remember that from the state of mind to the lifestyle is only one step! Moreover, on the pages of my blog I will try to show you the beauty of the world of fashion and lifestyle of my own way.
If you are interested, then come with me! We have something to talk about and a lot of interested things to tell you)