Bordeaux and Une Vie D’Amour …


It seems to me that I would never move to France. And it`s not because I don`t like this country. On the contrary, I really love France: its culture, architecture, cuisine, wine, everything that has the label – the French.


I adore that crazy feeling when I explore a new French city or a small village. And I think that if I move to the country for permanently this magic will disappear. It will become something trivial, so you`ll just get used to this and stop noticing this beauty.


But today I want to tell you about one my trip to the city Bordeaux.
A bit of history: Bordeaux is located in the south-west of France on the banks of the Garonne. In addition, the city is famous for its rich history, it is still known for its tradition and successes in the field of winemaking.
For me, Bordeaux is an incredible and picturesque town with lots of beautiful squares, narrow streets, cozy restaurants where you can relax with a glass of excellent wine, taste the best French cheeses and seafood.


Do you like visiting the museums? Let`s go! In the city you will find different museums of modern art, painting, design, and photography.


Do you prefer enjoying the architecture of the city? Here is a list of places that are definitely worth visiting: the gate Cayo, Kinkons Square, the Grand Theatre, the Great Bell Tower, Exchange Square, area Alla de Tourny, avenue Cours de Lintendans and the Cathedral of Saint Andre, the church of Sainte-Croix and the Gothic Basilica of Saint-Michel. And this is not even the whole list!!! Let me note right away that I was in the town for 3 days and it was very, very little! To know the spirit of the city is not enough even to stay here for the week.


By the way, if you love shopping in new locations – go to the main pedestrian street of Saint Catherine. There are more than 200 boutiques and small French shops.
And also it`s worth visiting the city promenade, which turns into a market at the weekend, where they sell the most delicious French seafood, fruit and various delicacies.
You must buy oysters at the market (they can also add a lemon and bun with butter), a bottle of fragrant wine and go with it to the seafront, where you can sit and enjoy these delicacies watching the sunset.
In general, the Bordeaux Quay is an amazing and unbelievable place!


An advice from me: be sure to stop at the Grand hotel de bordeaux & spa. Although the hotel doesn`t have 5 stars but the view that opens from the windows – divine!)
So, my dear, I’m ready to sing Bordeaux about my eternal love as the famous Charles Aznavour did))
Une Vie D’Amour …

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