Glam-rock, Monte Carlo and just a good mood!


Hooray! From now on I will tell you about Monte Carlo – the city in which the stars and billionaires     flock from around the world like bees to honey.


In the morning and afternoon the life in Monte Carlo is serene and sleepy … But as soon as the city becomes gloomy – the energy begins to gush forth. The halls of famous gambling houses meet those who are eager to catch a piece of luck and in the clubs you can find the best DJs.


The life in Monte Carlo is always beautiful – make sure it is easy enough just to walk through the streets of the city. What I hastened to do;)


For a walk I dressed in the style of Glam rock style which is often called a choice of brave and daring. It is my mood for today;) And also – a little rebellious)))))


Glam rock – came into fashion with music and is based on mixing rocker theme with glamor.

As for me I chose a light dress Kotton, GoldenGoose sneakers and of course the main attribute of the style – leather vest Vіntag. By the way, you can meet only few people who wear it. And all because they do not know how and with what combine it. Almost forget about my favorite Fendi sunglasses and YSL bag.

Well, I got dressed and went for positive emotions through the streets of Monte Carlo!

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