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Nostalgia for summer – Nikki Beach, Saint-Tropez | Oksana Erdogdu

Nostalgia for summer – Nikki Beach, Saint-Tropez


While we are marching to the winter (just imagine that in three months – it’s already December!) I decided to have a little more nostalgia about those lovely days in summer. Well and beach themes, as well as possible approach for this.

So, there is one place I had time to tell you about. This is Nikki Beach in St. Tropez.


To avoid this Nikki Beach, while you are in Saint-Tropez is at least strange, especially to curious travelers. You must visit this place to convince yourself that it is really packed fully with all sorts of stars and billionaires.

By the way I was told that there are a lot of billionaires and celebrities who come here to relax and drink cocktails – Bruce Willis, Bonneau, Elton John. Oh, I was not lucky enough to see them 😉

Nikki Beach, frankly speaking, is not the beach as you may think, it is somewhat hinterland. It’s more of a club open-air restaurant and bar. Here is the pool, furnished with cushioned chairs and banquettes, which strongly reminded me of a real bed. Some of them even hang these canopies. Further from the pool, sand chairs and beach umbrellas.


All in one place! There is always sounds cool music and the most fashionable people rest tere. Delicious food and lots of champagne!

Nikki Beach regularly hosts loud parties with celebrities. In such days it is better to reserve a table and sun loungers in advance.


It is never boring in this place and you will never want to leave. At Nikki Beach you can easily spend 100 Euro and 100 thousand, so be very careful, do not take the card, withdraw cash from the card because you can spend money here very easily!)

What you have to do is to dance by the pool! Order a couple of bottles of expensive champagne to drink and a couple cheaper to pour yourself— there is such a tradition!))







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