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Purple luxury | Oksana Erdogdu

Purple luxury


Purple color has been at the top of the list of fashionable colors for several seasons. This luxurious tone immediately adds the drama to any outfit.

If you are not lazy to search on the Internet with what people associate this color, then the first (it`s even better to say constant) comparison is wealth and power. In the old days purple was one of the main colors on the official Royal costumes.


They often say that purple is not for everyone. It is not so! The right combination with other colors will make you truly irresistible.

In clothes this color appears in various shades from Indigo to plum, eggplant, lavender and royal deep purple. There`s enough shades of purple for!


Girls, if your skin with a yellowish tinge then choose a more warm purple tone based on yellow. If you have pink skin, choose a deep cool or deep plum. The purple color is much richer and softer than black. It is well suited for the office and stunning casual color.

If you want to be noticed then dressed in purple from the head to toe. If you like purple but prefer it in small doses then take an example from me 😉


Remember that my advice is only for women who love colors and feel confident in similar color combinations. Otherwise, you will feel embarrassed because the mixing of two very strong colors —is a powerful fashion combination and it can be quite difficult for someone.

But I believe in you!

Your Oksana 😉

I wear:

  • Bag and glasses – Gucci
  • Top – Top Shop
  • Pants – Ozlem Kaya



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