Someone likes to travel by car, others prefer travelling by plane and as for me I`m a risky girl – I choose a helicopter!

Just one day I decided to fly from Monte Carlo to San Tropez in the cabin of sumptuous flying machine 😉 And I must tell you – it was unbelievable.


I` m not going to torture you with stories what to see in this city, where to go or what to eat.

I just bring up 9 reasons to visit Saint-Tropez:

  1. The sea! It is not worse than on the Cote d’Azur (French Riviera) perhaps even better! The coastline near it is really beautiful – its length is more than 15 km with beautiful scenery.
  2. The beaches! They are incredible! These beaches will satisfy all needs of yours. This is the most appropriate place for young people, sport fans, families with children, for small companies or romantic beach get-aways.
  3. A casual- yet-festive atmosphere! There is something special even in the air)
  4. La Tarte tropézienne! Yes, yes, you understand correctly. This delicious French dessert was invented and presented in Saint-Tropez. Mmmmmm …..
  5. PORT! It is best of the best in Saint-Tropez. It is a center of restaurant/ terrace /club life, shopping paradise and the museum of expensive yachts.
  6. Shopping! Here, perhaps, is the greatest amount of shops and boutiques in Europe. At least it seemed to me)
  7. Stars and billionaires! Here you can easily get to the party with Hollywood Star, sit on the same table in a restaurant with billionaires, sing off with famous artist on the karaoke;)
  8. The gendarmerie! The same gendarmerie movie “The Troops of St. Tropez (French: Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez)” with famous Louis de Funès in the leading role.
  9. And the last reason – breathtaking architecture which calls you to walk along the streets of this beautiful city.


















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