An explosion of emotions, colors and sensations… the White city, the azure sea, which is far over the horizon merges into one incredible line with the sky, creating the view as it is another world. Santorini… Island of dreams, about which I dreamed all my life. Probably even more than one life.

Still, remember that dreams come true)) . So, the embodiment of “my dream” in reality began with the call from my friend and the invitation to the tour  on the Greek Islands.


A 50-minutes flight, fascinating gift on the board of the aircraft (a cake in the shape of a heart, oh, those lady killers), the city Izmir, and so we are going on a cruise ship to conquer the Islands of Greece.

I think you`ve already understood that my heart was conquered by Santorini –  the romantic island-city called the lost city of Atlantis. And there is no wonder. After all, once you get to these places, you feel like you are in the lost civilization of oasis.


Snowy houses, blue domes, windmills and beautiful sunsets. The truth is, even the crowds of tourists who run around do not interfere  the feeling of perfection of this place.

An advice to future guests in Santorini –  immediately go straight to the town of Oia with the arrival, all the houses of which are of volcanic pumice and painted in blue and white colors of the Greek flag. Also remember to charge camera and phone. Believe me, you can shoot on the island for days, so many beautiful views and places, so many wonderful details!


One more important point – the island has a lot of stairs, you can’t turn left or right, you can only go up or down. Be prepared for strenuous physical activity 😉

But all the difficulties pale in comparison  with the beauty of the majestic cliffs, black sandy beaches, incredible landscapes and gorgeous sunset. And if today Paris is called the  most romantic city, Santorini should definitely be called the most romantic island!