The sea is the best vacation!


The sun … a lot of the sun … and we all try to get away from it:  who is  to the beach to the sea, to the swimming pool under the chaise longue, and who is simply closed in a room near the air conditioner.

I, as the first group, choose the sea! It’s a wonderful way to cool off, get a golden skin tone and just to relax from everyday worries / concerns.


Compulsory attributes of my holiday are sunglasses, a hat and my favorite big bag-shopper from Chanel.


You can find a special protective cream or oil for suntan. It is a must-have on the beach because of the delicate and sensitive skin. It is also very important to take at least one small bottle of water.


And of course – the book! After all, lying on the beach and reading a favorite piece by the sound of waves … Ahh, I have not even finished writing but already wanting to pack quickly up and get away to the beach…


Guys, what can save you from the heat?

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